Rue's Corner | A Novel Idea!

  • Before My Favorite - Series Prequel
    Guilt is cancer. Guilt will confine you, torture you, destroy you . . .
  • Intriguing romance novel
    It's Not My Favorite - Book 1
    Breakups. Family secrets. Stumbling toward independence.
  • best-fiction-fun-read
    My Favorite Second Chance
    What if the only second chance you ever wanted came exactly when you DIDN'T need it?
  • Finally My Favorite - Book 3
    What if everything you believed about your family was a lie?
    Young. Unproven. The future rests on her shoulders.
  • new YA fantasy series with female lead
    An Average Curse - Book 1
    Her world is in peril. Magick is her only hope. As of this morning, she still can’t cast a single spell.
  • Best YA Fantasy for girls Book 2 in The Chronicles of Hawthorn
    Key to the Journey - Book 2
    Maybe the gift Flynn hoped for is a curse after all . . .
  • best YA fantasy for girls
    The Shadow Calls - Book 3
    Dark thoughts plague her visualizations and an insidious power creeps through her veins.
  • Taken by the Shadow - Book 4
    Captive. Heartbroken. Sentenced to death.
  • Prisoner of the Light - Book 5
    Hope and despair. Tragedy and love. Light and Shadow.
    She defeated death in the Wasteland—now she’s coming for Flynn.
  • Daughter-of-Shadow-YA-young-adult-historical-fantasy-witch-coming-of-age

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