Archive - October 1, 2018

Water, Air, Earth, and Fire

Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. In the Chronicles of Hawthorn I chose to create a nature-based magickal society that relies on ritual, magick, and honoring the turning of the seasons. I get tired of seeing/reading witches portrayed as ugly old hags with warts and possibly green skin. I wanted magick to be the “norm.” Of course, there is a villainess in the story but there are no snakes, toads, or eye of newt anywhere in my world. I wanted witches to be the heroes. I remember reading fantasy books as a child and rooting for characters like the White Witch in Narnia! Why should four bratty little kids get a whole world? Oh, and I spell magick with a “k” because I think there’s a difference between David Blaine and someone like Jadis! Week 6

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