Chronicles of Hawthorn

The Chronicles of Hawthorn is a YA Fantasy series set in a world with humans and magickal creatures. The society is a matriarchal culture led by a succession of High Priestesses and magick is part of their everyday life.

The sacred book of the people is The Book of Shadow and Light. Several hundred years ago this book was torn in half and The Book of Shadow was taken south and the Peninsula of Timunga collapsed behind them. The Shadow Coven of Southeil now protects their half of the book with dark shadow magick and plots to destroy The Book of Light.

A magickal mist that rose from the sea when the book was damaged protects the inhabitants of Aotearoa, the north island. The mist cloaks their island from the world and there is no way to find Aotearoa, unless you posses a homing stone. The people have waited nine generations for the child of prophecy—Flynn Hawthorn.

The Chronicles of Hawthorn are her story.

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