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Horrific fascination in killing off characters…
Ritual & Spell to Heal Your Past
Launch Week for The Last Priestess – The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book 8
A Library with a hidden door AND a secret passage
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Cloaks are badass!

There is a strange, horrific fascination in killing off characters that you have painstakingly crafted out of the ether. As a reader it makes me furious, but as a writer it is a glorious walk in Un-reality. All the dark swirly bits get to go somewhere—do something. Holding the darkness inside is mind-numbing and sucks the joy out of everything. When I release the darkness into a creative flow that weaves itself into the stories I create, I find relief. I find moments of freedom so complete that it is indescribable. I wish I could stay in those spaces and thrive, but they are like soap bubbles. Glorious. Full. Shimmering. Fleeting. Gone. A sadness always descends after I finish a manuscript. I feel empty, spent, exhausted—but clear. If I try to contain the stories and characters, I feel terrible. I get depressed and hopeless. Everything feels clogged. I can’t breathe. I love to write, but I don’t write for the LOLs. I write because I have to… Week 5

Ritual & Spell to Heal Your Past

General disclaimer regarding how Master Hinaki designs rituals for the inhabitants of Aotearoa. He believes that magick lives inside each one of us, so he tends to keep most of his rituals fairly simple. solar holidays and cross-quarter celebrations aside. If (and that’s a big if) he casts a circle, he may use an athamé or a wand—but most likely he will point the first two fingers of his right hand, turn clockwise in a circle and say, “Round and round and round about, good stays in, bad stays out.” He’ll repeat that three times and begin his work. He’s always felt that the intention you hold in your heart is far more powerful than any elaborate incantation. You, of course, are free to do as you will. Now, on to healing something from your past!

YA Fantasy for readers and heroes for girls

PURPOSE: Heal by releasing a painful/harmful attachment to a person or event; OR you may wish to heal through forgiveness (use this ritual anytime you feel something or someone from your past holding you back)

MOON PHASE: Choose your Moon phase based on your desired outcome. If you need to release an unhealthy attachment choose a waning moon. If you wish to build the strength to forgive, choose a waxing moon.

SPECIFIC LOCATION: Choose a quiet place, indoors or outdoors, where you will be undisturbed for the karakia/spell.

ELEMENTS/GODDESSES/GODS INVOKED: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and their cardinal directions. Others may be called based on your beliefs, the type of hurt you are healing, and the focus of the ritual (release or forgiveness). Aotearoans may invoke the power of the Seed of All to bring balance and a larger perspective to their ritual.


Sage bundle/wand

Fire-proof dish or burning bowl

Turkey feather to waft smoke

Sea salt

Lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia)

Lotus oil (nymphaea lotus)

Frank & Myrrh incense cone

Candle holder

Blue candle

Bloodstone crystal

Holy water

Two pieces of parchment

A piece of black ribbon

A piece of white ribbon

A black pen or black marker

A miniature easel (optional)

Glass bowl (additional use: if you need to cleanse your crystals)

*NOTE Cleansing your crystal prior to this ritual will remove any previous charge and/or refresh the stone.


Place aUse sea salt to cleanse your crystals small scoop of sea salt in the bottom of your glass bowl. Lay the crystal on top of the salt layer and pour holy water over the stone. Place the bowl, water, and stone outside in the moonlight – or near a window that receives moonlight – overnight for one night. If you live near a river or stream, and have time, you can take the crystal(s) to the free flowing water and let the river purify your stones. We are using a moon bath cleansing method for these crystals due to the gentle healing energy of this spell.

Quick summary of the energies supported by the crystal: Bloodstone – is an intense healing stone and a “stone of courage.” It is considered a powerful grounding energy for the heart which aids in maintaining balance during this re-alignment of energies. It has also been known to facilitate communication with the ancestors, which may provide you additional information during your ritual.


Once you’ve cleansed your crystal, you can place all of the needed supplies in your ritual space.sage is used to cleanse the energy of a person, place or thing Light your sage wand, blow out the flames, and use the turkey feather to direct the smoke around the space to clear out any unwanted energies. (Watch for dropping ash!)

You may also wish to “sage/clear” yourself.

Once the space feels open to your work, take two sheets of parchment and your pen—sit quietly and focus on what you want to heal.

On the first sheet of parchment write down what or who you want to release (a feeling, a name, an emotion, or a memory).

Roll this sheet up tightly and tie it with the black ribbon.

On the second sheet of parchment write down how you will feel “here and now” once you let go of this hurt or unhealthy attachment.

Roll this sheet up and tie it with the white ribbon.


Make sure you have your supplies, your fire starter/lighter, etc. and print out or write down the karakia.Use herbs to visualize your success

You may cast a circle, if you choose. Next focus on the feeling, name, emotion, or memory that you wrote down and tied with the black ribbon and invite the Elements and their corresponding directions to join your ritual. These correspondences are based on Coven of the Sacred Wood beliefs, if you hold a different relationship to the Elements and their correspondences, simply adjust the calls.

Walk to the East and say:

Fire in the East, awaken! Bring forth the spark of courage like a bolt of lightning. Ignite my heart with the power to be here now.

Walk to the South and say:

Earth in the South, awaken! Keep me strong and grounded in my commitment to release the past and embrace future growth.

Walk to the West and say:

Water in the West, awaken! Bring forth a refreshing rain and cleanse away all the confusion, hurt, and fear keeping me tied to the past.

Walk to the North and say:

Air in the North, awaken! Bring forth your fresh breeze. Blow away the old energies that prevent me from moving toward my freedom.

At this point, if you are calling upon any other gods, goddesses, or spirits—welcome them to the ritual and call for their support.

Now you stand between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where intention and manifestation meet as one.

Pour a little salt into the small white dish (or any small glass bowl). Add three drops of lavender oil. The word lavender comes from the Latin word “lavare,” which means “to wash.” This is a wonderful energy for your ritual, as you “wash” away the past.

Next add three drops of lotus oil. This oil is used to provide protection to your heart as you release/forgive this past hurt. The lotus flower sinks its roots through the murky water and finds nutrients and strength beneath the “yuck”—it transforms that into a beautiful flower which symbolizes embracing the true inner self with loving respect. Bloom in spite of your surroundings.

Place your bloodstone into the anointed salt and state the feeling, name, emotion, or memory that you are releasing out loud. Ask the ancestors if there is any message you need to receive. Sit quietly for a moment. If you receive a message – thank the ancestors – if you do not receive a message re-affirm your desire to heal the past and continue the ritual.

Light the incense cone (which should be placed on a heat-proof surface or in an incense burner). Hold the rolled parchment tied with the black ribbon in the incense smoke. Ask the rising smoke to carry your hurt away.

Light the blue candle. The Coven of the Sacred Wood associates the color blue with healing and confidence.

Light the edge of the parchment in the flame of the blue candle. (Always use extreme caution when using fire in a ritual) Hold the intention of release in your heart and repeat this intention aloud as you place the burning scroll into the fire-proof dish or burning bowl.

Speak the karakia/spell out loud:

This negative energy is gone.
Let my freedom grow with each new dawn.
I release this hurt and all this pain,
Only self-love and courage remain.
I take back my power and my heart.
Here and now I will make a fresh start.
The past no longer has a hold on me.
Those things do not control my journey.
I focus on being here and now.
It’s in the past, release I allow.

Take your white-ribbon tied parchment and hold it to your heart. Hold the intention of healing in your heart and mind, then pass the scroll through the smoke of the incense three times. Close your eyes and visualize healing moving through your body-from your feet to the top of your head – and then through your mind – beginning with your earliest memory and ending here and now. See yourself releasing past hurts successfully. If you are having trouble with the release. Imagine blowing a large bubble and exhale the hurt, pain, and fear into the bubble. Visualize it floating away. You can visualize the bubble floating out of sight or you can visualize it bursting and returning to earth transformed into healing light. Feel the healing energy empowering you.

You will use this scroll containing your “here and now” promise as a reminder or talisman once the ritual is complete.

When you feel the healing energy has completed its work end the ritual with these words:

I bind these Elements together for my highest good. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. I bind this karakia and now I see, by my will, so it will be.


Finish the ritual by releasing the Elements and the circle (if you cast one):

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth I release you with gratitude.

I release this circle to do my bidding. The circle is open, but never broken. Thank you.

Because you raised energy specifically for your project, you do not need to ground yourself after you complete the ritual. However, if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, you may need to ground any EXCESS energy back to Mother Earth.


Let your incense and your candle burn out. Once they have completely burned down, take the empty foil tea light container (not the actual candle holder), the incense ash, and the ash from the black-ribbon tied parchment and bury all of these things off of your property. If you live in a city or area where there is no wild land, throw the items away in a trash bin or dumpster away from your home and on a route you don’t frequent.

You can use the lovely scented salts in a bath or leave them on an altar to remind you of your commitment to healing the past.

Unwrap the white-ribbon tied parchment and place it on the small easel (if available). You can use the ribbon to tie it to the easel or a lamp near your bed. Look at the parchment each morning when you wake up and read your “here and now” promise to yourself out loud.

You can also keep your bloodstone crystal in your pocket, on your desk, or on your altar.

I hope you experience true healing of your past! Let me know:


Launch Week for The Last Priestess – The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book 8

It’s LAUNCH WEEK for Book 8 in The Chronicles of Hawthorn – The Last Priestess!
Her destiny has arrived. War is inevitable. The number of lives lost is up to her…

Flynn Hawthorn was literally born for this moment. But the time for prophecies has ended and the time for action has come. She must fulfill her destiny and reunite the Book of Shadow and Light—or die trying.

The Shadow Witch prepares for war with the skeleton army of Kua Kore. Thousands of innocent lives hang in the balance. She won’t mind destroying Flynn along with the rest.

Can Flynn forget her heart’s desire and destroy the Shadow… even if that means taking another life?

The Last Priestess is the final YA fantasy adventure in The Chronicles of Hawthorn series! If you like magick, adventure, flying monsters, skeleton warriors, and plenty of surprises, then you’ll love Rue’s epic magickal fantasy.

Buy The Last Priestess and ready your wand for battle today!

The Advance Reader Team has their copies, the paperback has been published, and several promos are scheduled for the week.

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THIS! One day I will have a massive library with a hidden door AND a secret passage. The shelves will be lined with ancient tomes bound in fine leather with hand-stitched spines. Oh, the smells that will wrap themselves around you when you enter that room! I want to collect rare books on the occult, alchemy, astrology, and dead languages. I used to subscribe to a catalog of rare books, but I had to cancel my subscription because of the severe depression that would hit me each time I leafed through the pages of gorgeous volumes and realized how far my dream was out of reach. Maybe I’ll renew my subscription. Maybe I’ve matured and I’ve finally gotten a handle on this “delayed gratification” shit I hear grown ups talking about. Not likely! I was born “patience-impaired” and I never received proper treatment. I think fast, act fast, regret fast—and repeat. Week 4

Cloaks are badass! I’m not sure why we ever stopped wearing cloaks in everyday life. There’s no denying how awesome it feels to let the wind billow a cloak out behind you as you cross a forest path or walk into a room full of unsuspecting humans! It’s time we bring back the majestic cloak and give it its rightful place in the halls of fashion. DnD-ers and LARP-ers unite! This photo actually inspired the character of Aoeni Aura in The Chronicles of Hawthorn, but mostly I’m posting it because cloaks ROCK! Week 3

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