THIS! One day I will have a massive library with a hidden door AND a secret passage. The shelves will be lined with ancient tomes bound in fine leather with hand-stitched spines. Oh, the smells that will wrap themselves around you when you enter that room! I want to collect rare books on the occult, alchemy, astrology, and dead languages. I used to subscribe to a catalog of rare books, but I had to cancel my subscription because of the severe depression that would hit me each time I leafed through the pages of gorgeous volumes and realized how far my dream was out of reach. Maybe I’ll renew my subscription. Maybe I’ve matured and I’ve finally gotten a handle on this “delayed gratification” shit I hear grown ups talking about. Not likely! I was born “patience-impaired” and I never received proper treatment. I think fast, act fast, regret fast—and repeat. Week 4

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