VIP Coven Exclusive – Homework Help Tea


PURPOSE: Homework Help Tea for Po Rehua (so he can pass Tamsin’s Herb class)

MOON PHASE: Made under a waxing faery fingernail moon, just after moonrise

SPECIFIC LOCATION: Out of doors under the moon or in front of a window with a view of the moon



MIX the dry ingredients in mortar, crush with pestle (just enough to release the scents)

Rosemary (Ma)

Peppermint leaf (Ma)

Galangal root powder (Mi)

Cloves (Mi)

Spearmint leaf (Mi)

Lavender flowers (T)

Hazel leaves (T)

ADD the drops of oil, mix well

Bergamot oil – 20 drops

Vanilla oil – 13 drops

Transfer to jar and cap tightly. Store in a cool, dark place. Drink one cup of strong tea before practicing for lessons or studying for sessions. Place loose tea in a flax basket, set in a mug, and cover the herbs with boiling water. It is important to cover the mug while steeping so the herbal properties will be held in the infusion. Steep until the liquid has cooled and is just warm to the touch, discard used herbs in the compost.

(Ma) = Major ingredient

(Mi) = Minor ingredient

(T) = Trace ingredient

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