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Welcome to Sittin’ On A Goldmine Productions!

sisters-love-triangle-duluth-travel-chick-lit-favorite-novelWe are a micro publisher in Northern Arizona. We have a small stable of authors writing fiction, DIY and children’s literature.

We publish paperback and electronic versions of our titles.

Here is a list of our currently available titles: SOAG Titles

Upcoming releases include a YA fantasy series (The Chronicles of Hawthorn; 8 titles) that will begin releasing in June 2016, a romantic comedy box set, and a children’s book series releasing in 2017.

Our fiction authors focus on character integration. Many of our titles include LGBTQ characters coexisting with heterosexual characters, in their fictional world. As a publisher we choose titles that push the boundaries of real-world social groups. We hope that readers will enjoy discovering new stories that may more closely reflect their personal world.

DIY is a new genre for 2017 and we are especially excited about our new authors. They are pushing into YA areas in the DIY genre and we look forward to bringing some wonderful resources to the younger generation.

The area where we have the most fun is with our children’s literature. Pairing fanciful illustrators/artists with fun loving authors is a joy.

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