My favorite time of year is fast approaching! Fall, Mabon, the autumnal equinox… Cool nights, crisp leaves, apple-picking – no, that’s not why at all. I like fall because the blistering heat of summer is finally over. I am no fan of the sun, sunbathing, suntanning, whatever you want to call it. I have no ability to convert UV into anything externally useful, so I prefer to stay out of the burning rays of the sun and wait for the glory of October! Of course this August holds a special place in my heart, but I’m not far enough into this honesty experiment to share that nugget. The lovely besom in this picture was the inspiration for a humorous dig in the Secrets of Kabara (Book 6). Beyond that, I am a true fan of buttercup squash and have fond memories of scooping seeds with my late grandmother and laughing about everything in her tiny – mostly red – kitchen. Week 7

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