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General disclaimer regarding how Master Hinaki designs rituals for the inhabitants of Aotearoa. He believes that magick lives inside each one of us, so he tends to keep most of his rituals fairly simple. solar holidays and cross-quarter celebrations aside. If (and that’s a big if) he casts a circle, he may use an athamé or a wand—but most likely he will point the first two fingers of his right hand, turn clockwise in a circle and say, “Round and round and round about, good stays in, bad stays out.” He’ll repeat that three times and begin his work. He’s always felt that the intention you hold in your heart is far more powerful than any elaborate incantation. You, of course, are free to do as you will. Now, on to infusing your new project with energy!You have the strength to empower your future

PURPOSE: Awaken energy and focus it on a new project (use this anytime you’re having trouble taking action on a new endeavor)

MOON PHASE: Make the incense under a waxing quarter moon. Perform the ritual on the same night or anytime before the full moon.

SPECIFIC LOCATION: You can make the incense in your kitchen. Choose a quiet place, indoors or outdoors, where you will be undisturbed for the karakia/spell.

ELEMENTS/GODDESSES/GODS INVOKED: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and their cardinal directions (others may be called based on your beliefs, the type of project you’re starting, and the focus of the ritual. Aotearoans frequently invoke Mahuika the Goddess of Fire to add a spark of inspiration)


Mortar and Pestle

Burning Bowl/Incense Burner/Censer

Charcoal disk (for burning in the censer to heat and burn the incense)

Dry Herbs (for the incense):

5 Bay leaves (laurus nobilis)
1 TBSP Cinnamon powder (cinnamomum cassia)Create an empowering incense to help with new projects
1 tsp Ginger powder (zingiber officinale)
1 tsp Whole clove (syzygium aromaticum)
2 TBSP Orange peel, dried (citrus sinensis) – OR use the orange oil listed below

Essential oils (for the incense)

20 drops Jasmine oil (jasminum grandiflorum)
10 drops Sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis) – ONLY if you do NOT use the orange peel
5 drops Pine oil (pinus sylvestris)

Crystals (If you choose to include them in your ritual)*

Labradorite (1)
Aventurine (2)Fantasy for Young Adults and heroes for Girls
Black Tourmaline (3)
Selenite (4)

Glass bowl (optional, if you need to cleanse your crystals)

Sea salt (optional, if you need to cleanse your crystals)

*NOTE You may want to include one or more crystals if you want a talisman to take to work with you (Cleansing the crystals prior to this ritual will remove any previous charge and/or refresh the stone)

(If you choose to include them in your ritual)*

Place aboutUse sea salt to cleanse your crystals an inch of sea salt in the bottom of your glass bowl. Lay the crystals on top of the salt layer and place the bowl in full sun for a minimum of 20 minutes. DO NOT use any water with the salt, as Labradorite can be damaged by salt water, If you live near a river or stream, and have time, you can take the crystals to the free flowing water and let the river purify your stones. We are using a sun bath cleansing method for these crystals due to the fiery energy of the empowering spell.

Quick summary of the energies supported by the crystals: Aventurine – provides clarity of direction and presents the opportunity to discover new paths/beginnings; Black Tourmaline – deflects negative energy and limiting beliefs; Labradorite – transforms stagnant energies into fresh, vibrant power and brand new beginnings; Selenite – use this one ONLY if you feel consciously unwilling to begin the project for some reason. Selenite may help you work though the block.


Once you’ve placed your crystals in the sun, you can start creating your incense. GMake incense with a mortar and pestleather your herbs, oils, and the mortar and pestle. Ask yourself these questions: Which project are you working to empower or begin? What does success on that project look like? How will you know you’ve completed it? Once you’ve answered those questions, hold those answers in your mind and grind those empowering images of success into your incense.

Place your bay leaves, whole cloves, and orange peel (if using it) into the mortar and grind them to a powder. Hold your image of success and completion in your mind.

Add the next batch of ingredients.

Cinnamon powder and ginger powder. Mix thoroughly.

Now add the oils one at a time.

Jasmine, pine, and sweet orange (if you did not use the dried peel). Mix thoroughly, so that the oils are evenly distributed throughout the incense.


If you work out of a home office, you may want to conduct your ritual in that space. Otherwise, pick a quiet space where you can safely burn incense. (The charcoal discs get QUITE hot!) Set one disc in/on the burner and light it. That way the coal will be ready when you need to add your incense and you won’t lose the rhythm of the karakia.Use herbs to visualize your success

Make sure you have your supplies, incense, fire starter, etc. and print out or write down the karakia.

You may cast a circle, if you choose. Next focus on the strong images you’ve created for what completion and success look like for this project and invite the Elements and their corresponding directions to join your ritual. These correspondences are based on Aotearoan beliefs, if you hold a different relationship to the Elements and their correspondences, simply adjust the calls.

Walk to the East and say:

Fire in the East, awaken! Bring forth the spark of inspiration like a bolt of lightning. Cast your brilliant illumination on my project.

Walk to the South and say:

Earth in the South, awaken! Keep me strong and grounded in my commitment to bring new growth to my project.

Walk to the West and say:

Water in the West, awaken! Bring forth a refreshing rain and cleanse away all the confusion, hesitation, and fear that prevents me from starting my work.

Walk to the North and say:

Air in the North, awaken! Bring forth your strong winds. Blow away the stagnant energy that prevents me from beginning this project.

At this point, if you are calling upon any other gods, goddesses, or spirits—welcome them to the ritual and call for their support.

Now you stand between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where intention and manifestation meet as one. Place a heaping scoop of incense on your coal and repeat the karakia three times:

Let this swirling smoke lift up my cares.
Let these fragrant herbs remove all snares.
I will now move forward on this task,
And in renewed energy I bask.
Obstacles cleared, the path is revealed.
Release apathy, new power to wield.
The goal is one step closer each day.
I follow the path, I know the way.
I focus on discipline, not speed.
I embrace the power to succeed.

If you chose to use crystals in your work, then pass them through the smoke of the incense at this time. You can use these as reminders or talismans. Keep one in your pocket, on your desk, or on your altar.

Hold the crystals in your hand or float your hands through the incense smoke. Close your eyes and visualize new energy filling your body and mind. See yourself starting your project and completing it successfully. Feel the energy empowering you.

I bind these Elements together for my highest good. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. I bind this karakia and now I see, by my will, so it will be.


Finish the ritual by releasing the Elements and the circle (if you cast one):

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth I release you with gratitude.

I release this circle to do my bidding. The circle is open, but never broken. Thank you.

Because you raised energy specifically for your project, you do not need to ground yourself after you complete the ritual. However, if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, you may need to ground any EXCESS energy back to Mother Earth.


Let your coal burn down and clean your incense burner/censer. You probably have some remaining incense which you can burn in small bits for the first few days as you start your project, or you can place the crystals and some incense in a muslin bag (the kind you use for putting spices in stew) and take it to your office as a sensory reminder of your ritual and the new energy you have received for your project.

I can’t wait to hear about the project you complete! Let me know:


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