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Irish Lamb Stew for St. Patrick’s Day or Spring Equinox
EASY Homemade Chocolates just in time for Imbolc or Valentine’s Day!
The Day I Was Barry Gibb

Ritual & Spell to Heal Your Past

General disclaimer regarding how Master Hinaki designs rituals for the inhabitants of Aotearoa. He believes that magick lives inside each one of us, so he tends to keep most of his rituals fairly simple. solar holidays and cross-quarter celebrations aside. If (and that’s a big if) he casts a circle, he may use an athamé or a wand—but most likely he will point the first two fingers of his right hand, turn clockwise in a circle and say, “Round and round and round about, good stays in, bad stays out.” He’ll repeat that three times and begin his work. He’s always felt that the intention you hold in your heart is far more powerful than any elaborate incantation. You, of course, are free to do as you will. Now, on to healing something from your past!

YA Fantasy for readers and heroes for girls

PURPOSE: Heal by releasing a painful/harmful attachment to a person or event; OR you may wish to heal through forgiveness (use this ritual anytime you feel something or someone from your past holding you back)

MOON PHASE: Choose your Moon phase based on your desired outcome. If you need to release an unhealthy attachment choose a waning moon. If you wish to build the strength to forgive, choose a waxing moon.

SPECIFIC LOCATION: Choose a quiet place, indoors or outdoors, where you will be undisturbed for the karakia/spell.

ELEMENTS/GODDESSES/GODS INVOKED: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and their cardinal directions. Others may be called based on your beliefs, the type of hurt you are healing, and the focus of the ritual (release or forgiveness). Aotearoans may invoke the power of the Seed of All to bring balance and a larger perspective to their ritual.


Sage bundle/wand

Fire-proof dish or burning bowl

Turkey feather to waft smoke

Sea salt

Lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia)

Lotus oil (nymphaea lotus)

Frank & Myrrh incense cone

Candle holder

Blue candle

Bloodstone crystal

Holy water

Two pieces of parchment

A piece of black ribbon

A piece of white ribbon

A black pen or black marker

A miniature easel (optional)

Glass bowl (additional use: if you need to cleanse your crystals)

*NOTE Cleansing your crystal prior to this ritual will remove any previous charge and/or refresh the stone.


Place aUse sea salt to cleanse your crystals small scoop of sea salt in the bottom of your glass bowl. Lay the crystal on top of the salt layer and pour holy water over the stone. Place the bowl, water, and stone outside in the moonlight – or near a window that receives moonlight – overnight for one night. If you live near a river or stream, and have time, you can take the crystal(s) to the free flowing water and let the river purify your stones. We are using a moon bath cleansing method for these crystals due to the gentle healing energy of this spell.

Quick summary of the energies supported by the crystal: Bloodstone – is an intense healing stone and a “stone of courage.” It is considered a powerful grounding energy for the heart which aids in maintaining balance during this re-alignment of energies. It has also been known to facilitate communication with the ancestors, which may provide you additional information during your ritual.


Once you’ve cleansed your crystal, you can place all of the needed supplies in your ritual space.sage is used to cleanse the energy of a person, place or thing Light your sage wand, blow out the flames, and use the turkey feather to direct the smoke around the space to clear out any unwanted energies. (Watch for dropping ash!)

You may also wish to “sage/clear” yourself.

Once the space feels open to your work, take two sheets of parchment and your pen—sit quietly and focus on what you want to heal.

On the first sheet of parchment write down what or who you want to release (a feeling, a name, an emotion, or a memory).

Roll this sheet up tightly and tie it with the black ribbon.

On the second sheet of parchment write down how you will feel “here and now” once you let go of this hurt or unhealthy attachment.

Roll this sheet up and tie it with the white ribbon.


Make sure you have your supplies, your fire starter/lighter, etc. and print out or write down the karakia.Use herbs to visualize your success

You may cast a circle, if you choose. Next focus on the feeling, name, emotion, or memory that you wrote down and tied with the black ribbon and invite the Elements and their corresponding directions to join your ritual. These correspondences are based on Coven of the Sacred Wood beliefs, if you hold a different relationship to the Elements and their correspondences, simply adjust the calls.

Walk to the East and say:

Fire in the East, awaken! Bring forth the spark of courage like a bolt of lightning. Ignite my heart with the power to be here now.

Walk to the South and say:

Earth in the South, awaken! Keep me strong and grounded in my commitment to release the past and embrace future growth.

Walk to the West and say:

Water in the West, awaken! Bring forth a refreshing rain and cleanse away all the confusion, hurt, and fear keeping me tied to the past.

Walk to the North and say:

Air in the North, awaken! Bring forth your fresh breeze. Blow away the old energies that prevent me from moving toward my freedom.

At this point, if you are calling upon any other gods, goddesses, or spirits—welcome them to the ritual and call for their support.

Now you stand between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where intention and manifestation meet as one.

Pour a little salt into the small white dish (or any small glass bowl). Add three drops of lavender oil. The word lavender comes from the Latin word “lavare,” which means “to wash.” This is a wonderful energy for your ritual, as you “wash” away the past.

Next add three drops of lotus oil. This oil is used to provide protection to your heart as you release/forgive this past hurt. The lotus flower sinks its roots through the murky water and finds nutrients and strength beneath the “yuck”—it transforms that into a beautiful flower which symbolizes embracing the true inner self with loving respect. Bloom in spite of your surroundings.

Place your bloodstone into the anointed salt and state the feeling, name, emotion, or memory that you are releasing out loud. Ask the ancestors if there is any message you need to receive. Sit quietly for a moment. If you receive a message – thank the ancestors – if you do not receive a message re-affirm your desire to heal the past and continue the ritual.

Light the incense cone (which should be placed on a heat-proof surface or in an incense burner). Hold the rolled parchment tied with the black ribbon in the incense smoke. Ask the rising smoke to carry your hurt away.

Light the blue candle. The Coven of the Sacred Wood associates the color blue with healing and confidence.

Light the edge of the parchment in the flame of the blue candle. (Always use extreme caution when using fire in a ritual) Hold the intention of release in your heart and repeat this intention aloud as you place the burning scroll into the fire-proof dish or burning bowl.

Speak the karakia/spell out loud:

This negative energy is gone.
Let my freedom grow with each new dawn.
I release this hurt and all this pain,
Only self-love and courage remain.
I take back my power and my heart.
Here and now I will make a fresh start.
The past no longer has a hold on me.
Those things do not control my journey.
I focus on being here and now.
It’s in the past, release I allow.

Take your white-ribbon tied parchment and hold it to your heart. Hold the intention of healing in your heart and mind, then pass the scroll through the smoke of the incense three times. Close your eyes and visualize healing moving through your body-from your feet to the top of your head – and then through your mind – beginning with your earliest memory and ending here and now. See yourself releasing past hurts successfully. If you are having trouble with the release. Imagine blowing a large bubble and exhale the hurt, pain, and fear into the bubble. Visualize it floating away. You can visualize the bubble floating out of sight or you can visualize it bursting and returning to earth transformed into healing light. Feel the healing energy empowering you.

You will use this scroll containing your “here and now” promise as a reminder or talisman once the ritual is complete.

When you feel the healing energy has completed its work end the ritual with these words:

I bind these Elements together for my highest good. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. I bind this karakia and now I see, by my will, so it will be.


Finish the ritual by releasing the Elements and the circle (if you cast one):

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth I release you with gratitude.

I release this circle to do my bidding. The circle is open, but never broken. Thank you.

Because you raised energy specifically for your project, you do not need to ground yourself after you complete the ritual. However, if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, you may need to ground any EXCESS energy back to Mother Earth.


Let your incense and your candle burn out. Once they have completely burned down, take the empty foil tea light container (not the actual candle holder), the incense ash, and the ash from the black-ribbon tied parchment and bury all of these things off of your property. If you live in a city or area where there is no wild land, throw the items away in a trash bin or dumpster away from your home and on a route you don’t frequent.

You can use the lovely scented salts in a bath or leave them on an altar to remind you of your commitment to healing the past.

Unwrap the white-ribbon tied parchment and place it on the small easel (if available). You can use the ribbon to tie it to the easel or a lamp near your bed. Look at the parchment each morning when you wake up and read your “here and now” promise to yourself out loud.

You can also keep your bloodstone crystal in your pocket, on your desk, or on your altar.

I hope you experience true healing of your past! Let me know:


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It’s LAUNCH WEEK for Book 7 in The Chronicles of Hawthorn – Daughter of Shadow!

The Advance Reader Team has their copies, the paperback has been published, and several promos are scheduled for the week.

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Irish Lamb Stew for St. Patrick’s Day or Spring Equinox


Take a deep breath, YOU can make this stew. It is quite simple, it just takes time — about two and a half hours prep and about 90 minutes of cooking time (See my TIPS for time-saving secrets!). This is a great opportunity to enlist a kitchen helper. You can prep all the veg while your helper cubes and browns the lamb. Even if you’re not a fan of lamb, this flavor is amazing and worth the effort. I serve this with crusty bread and a BIG spoon. If you’d rather watch the video – CLICK HERE.

Here’s the RECIPE:

best-author-shows-favorite-recipes2 lbs Boneless lamb shoulder, cut into 1-inch cubes
(I use leg of lamb and throw the bone into the stew for extra flavor)
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Ground black pepper
1/2 cup Flour
1/4 cup Butter (I use a combo of butter and grapeseed oil)
2 cups Water (I use a combo of water and chicken stock)
8 oz. can Tomato sauce
2 Tablespoons Fresh Parsley, chopped (I use at least 4 Tbsp.)
best-selling-author-shows-cooking-tips2 Teaspoons Fresh Thyme, stripped from the stem (I use at least 3 tsp.; use less if using dried)
(I’m crazy for spices!)
6 Carrots peeled and cut into 2-inch lengths (I use a bag of peeled/washed baby carrots)
1/2 lb Pearl Onions, peeled (you can buy these frozen and pre-peeled – or see the SECRET below)
3 cups Turnips, peeled and cubed (approx. 2 large)
12 New potatoes, small – with a strip peeled around the middle (12 – HAH! I add way more potatoes)
1 package (10 oz.) frozen Peas (I leave these on the counter while prepping, so they thaw)
OPTIONAL – 2 teaspoons fresh mint, finely chopped

1/4 to 1 cup water (or stock)
3 Tablespoons Flour


  • best-romance-author-cooks-stewOnce your kitchen helper finishes cubing the meat, it’s time to coat and brown. Take a large plastic bag (ziploc) and mix the salt, pepper and flour. Toss in the lamb chunks about 10 at a time and shake to coat. Meanwhile heat the butter and/or oil in a large pot or Dutch oven. When the pot is hot, brown the lamb about 10 pieces at a time. When each batch of meat is browned remove to a plate. Repeat until all meat is browned; set plate aside.
  • best-selling-author-teaches-cookingWhen all lamb is browned I take a minute to deglaze the pan with a little red wine. Which simply means – pour a 1/2 cup (or so) of red wine into the hot pan and use a wooden spoon to scrape the delicious browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Then you can return all of lamb to the pan and add 2 cups of water (or stock), tomato sauce, parsley, thyme – salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, slowly simmer in a covered pot until lamb is tender — about 45 minutes.
  • Add carrots and turnips and simmer for another 15 minutes.
  • favorite-author-loves-potatoesAdd pearl onions, and potatoes and simmer for another 30 minutes, or until vegetables are tender when pricked with a fork.
  • To add or thicken the gravy, take a small bowl and add cold water and flour; mix until smooth. Stir into stew and bring stew to a boil, again.
  • Add the frozen peas (reduce heat) and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Makes approx. 6 servings

  • Serve with some crusty bread or a biscuit
the best irish lamb stew

A hearty and delicious meal!


  • cooking-tips-from-best-authorPrepare and ice bath (bowl of water and ice)
  • Boil a small pan of water.
  • Drop the pearl onions into the boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute (max).
  • Use a slotted spoon to transfer them to an ice bath.
  • best-selling-author-cooking-tipsWith a paring knife, cut off the root end and pinch the skin at the opposite end.
  • best-romance-author-cooks-with-youThe perfect little pearl onion should pop right out.
  • Here’s a link if you prefer a video: Peeling Pearl Onions


  • You can prep all the veg while the lamb simmers (this will save about 45 min).
  • Use fresh herbs, if you can.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of finely chopped fresh mint when you add the frozen peas. It’s a nice twist on the flavor.
  • Don’t rush :-) the process and the smells are part of the fun!

Good luck!

Email me pics of your St. Patty’s or Ostara celebrations!!

EASY Homemade Chocolates just in time for Imbolc or Valentine’s Day!

I promise, YOU can make these truffles. They are CRAZY delicious and easy to customize (I’ll list my secrets!). I packaged mine in some inexpensive “fake book” boxes from Michael’s that I picked up on sale.
Your favorite author shows you the secret to handmade chocolatesBest novelist gives you secrets to delicious chocolate

Here’s the RECIPE:

12 oz semisweet chocolate pieces
1/4 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/4 cup Heavy Cream
2 egg yolks
1 Tablespoon Butter (OPTIONAL)
(OK, I didn’t say they were lo-cal!)


  • Melt chocolate pieces in a double-boiler. (You can use a microwave – but mine tried to kill me on Friday, so I went old school)
  • Add Bailey’s and heavy cream. Whisk slowly and keep heat low. If it’s too hot the yolks will curdle in the next step.
  • Whisk in the yolks one at a time, mixture will thicken.
  • Whisk in the butter. (I skipped the butter and mine were fine, up to you)
  • Refrigerate 4-5 hours or overnight. (Overnight is best for the impatient, like me)
  • Scoop out with a small spoon (teaspoon or smaller), roll quickly in your palms to get a nice ball.

*This is messy, you will get chocolatey—so make them with someone you like to lick!

  • Finish with a roll in one of your toppings (List below)
  • Place in a Petit Four paper cup. (I use these because I got a pack at a garage sale, and they’re smaller than candy cups. I doubled this recipe and made 60 truffles!)
Best book to read and eat chocolates

Close up of the lime zest/chili power & the crushed peanut/Himalayan salt

Use your imagination – Here’s what I tried:

  • Lime zest and chili powder – grate the lime peel onto a paper plate and spread it out. Sprinkle desired amount of chili powder evenly over the lime zest.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – salt is SALTY, so use sparingly. I did I light dip on the tops only of my crushed peanut covered truffles.
  • Crumbled peanuts – you can smash up any kind of nut you like :-)
  • Cocoa Powder (the unsweetened kind or raw Cacao nib powder, if that’s your thing)
  • Powdered sugar – pretty granulated colored sugar is nice, too.
  • Indian (kinda chai-like) spice – I used cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, ginger and a little clove.
  • I also took some smoked habanero almonds and wrapped the truffle chocolate around them. YUM!


  • Get everything lined up before you start rolling the truffle balls in your hands.
  • Put all your topping options in little bowls or paper plates.
  • Line up all your paper petit four cups.
  • I used the re-usable silicon mini cups (similar to these) from Cost Plus World Market for the one’s I kept for the family – and I made those a little bigger!!
  • Work fast and put the chocolate mixture back in the fridge if it starts to go mushy on you!

Good luck!

Email me pics of your treats and I’ll post them on my FB page!!

The Day I Was Barry Gibb

By Morgan Gilbert

When I heard the first falsetto notes of the Brother’s Gibb electrifying the screen in Saturday Night Fever—I was hooked.

I had been born in the wrong decade. I was meant to be alive in the 70s, and I made it my mission to recreate my 21st century in disco balls, bell-bottoms and muscle cars.

I already owned a 1972 Ford Custom 500, so my subconscious had clearly been aware of my true destiny long before I saw the watershed disco movie. I needed more. I needed to feed the disco inferno in my soul.

Poor-man's suit - for 8th Grade Promotion Dance.

Poor-man’s suite – for 8th Grade Promotion Dance.

I wore a 70s costume to school for my eighth grade Halloween. I ended up teaching most of the school how to do the Hustle out on the foursquare court. I progressed to piecing together a poor-man’s Saturday Night Fever suit for the eighth grade promotion dance. I watched hours of YouTube videos and learned the entire John Travolta solo dance from the movie. I performed it in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by a cheering crowd—my fate was decided.

When I hit the ninth grade I instituted Retro Wednesdays and wore 70s clothes to school each week. Turns out I was the only participant in my invented “day,” but that didn’t stop me.

I soon realized I would need to expand my 70s wardrobe if I was going to keep up the Wednesday tradition throughout my high school tenure. I trolled second-hand clothing stores and sent out a call for help to my immediate family.

Slowly I built an impressive fashion collection, and as word spread of my obsession other people were pulled into my world. My boss, a big dance sensation in New York in the 70s, had a fabulous pair of white, patent leather, platform shoes which he gifted to me.

The struttin' shoes!

The struttin’ shoes!

My mom made me a pair of purple polyester bell-bottoms with huge, wide bells! They were awesome, but the amazing, all-white, Bee Gees suit eluded me. When I heard that Barry Gibb was going to tour, I knew I had to be there and I had to be in the suit.

Mom worked on getting tickets and my grandma stepped up and took on the task of making the suit. We searched eBay for vintage patterns and she hit the garment district in Los Angeles to find the perfect fabric.

My dream was becoming reality.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the Mythology Tour at the Hollywood Bowl in June—my 17th birthday present.

Suit construction began in February and my grandma sent photo updates from her sewing room. Each image fit into the unfolding mosaic in my mind—screaming to be completed. The buzz of anticipation spread through every inch of my body. I just needed the final piece.

At long last, June arrive. Roadtrip! Off to California to see my amazing suit and, of course, my grandma—the seamstress.

She opened the closet door and extracted the holy grail. My eyes glazed over; the suit emanated a light all its own. A portal to another dimension. I knew that when I put on that suit I would be the 70s. Finally, the last piece fell into place.

My mom worked on my enormous white-boy fro for over two hours. Applying tons of product, blow-drying sections and slowly shaping it into that flowing, feathered masterpiece that was the Barry Gibb signature coiffe.

I unwrapped the suit from the plastic and pulled on the flared-to-perfection pants. A strange panic seized my chest. I forgot the shirt! Shit! I forgot the shirt! “Mom!”

Mom and grandma raced off to the thrift store, 30 minutes before our scheduled departure, and returned 20 minutes later with a white, wide-collared shirt. Had I actually been holding my breath for 20 minutes? I slipped my feet into the white platforms and could not keep the smile on my face from touching my heart.

My Day As Barry Gibb

Stayin’ Alive!

Dressed in the suit I had dreamed of for years, I picked up my Bee Gees Greatest Hits LP and walked, no—strutted out the door.

We opted for the shuttle and parked in the garage at Hollywood and Highland. As we walked from the parking structure to the bus pick-up I passed a group of high school girls. I overheard one girl say, “That is the best picture I got all day.” I smiled. The 70s are alive and well!

I walked onto the bus and a murmur passed through the crowd like a dirty secret at a prayer meeting. These people were my people—they loved the 70s and they had made the effort to get off their asses and come to see the last living member of, arguably, the greatest group of that decade.

Everyone stared. No one spoke. Finally, one brave soul asked the question that was on everyone’s lips, “Can I take your picture?” And so it begins.

By the time we arrived at the Hollywood Bowl I had posed for several pictures and answered a battery of questions about my suit, hair, shoes and album.

I stepped off the shuttle bus, continuing to strut my way through the turnstiles and into the Hollywood Bowl. Cheers, whoots and applause followed me all the way to my seat.

I honestly had no idea that my desire to pay homage to the Bee Gees and their unforgettable white suits would lead to this night. Wow.

I was super pumped and therefore needed a trip to the restroom before the show started. I didn’t make it back to my seat for 30 minutes! Everyone I passed wanted a picture. I missed half of the opening act, Jared & Mill.

During a short break the crew reset the stage. The sun sank behind the Hollywood hills and the lights came up in the amphitheater. I held my breath, again.

barry-gibb-mythology-tour-june-2014-hollywood-bowlCheers and screams erupted as the man of the night; Mr. Barry Gibb took the stage. The familiar notes of Jive Talkin’ poured out of the speakers and the crowd went nuts.

I danced in my seat, still clutching the treasured LP I hoped to get autographed after the concert. Mom sensed my excitement.

“Why don’t you hand me that thing so you can dance?” She took the album and I continued to seat dance.

The next song hit my eardrums and I was possessed. “I can’t take it anymore,” I announced. I got out of my seat and headed straight down to the wide cement walkway and busted out my best 70s moves. I had the Fever. Concertgoers raised their cellphone lights and illuminated my makeshift dance floor. I was lost in the moment, dancing like I was alone in my room. I “hustled” until the very last note of You Should be Dancing faded.

The tributes to Maurice, Robin and Andy were a genuine honor to witness—an amazing concert. The inclusion of Barry’s son, Stephen, and his niece, Samantha, gave the entire night a wonderful “family reunion” vibe.

I felt the night slipping away and I was desperate to keep the moment alive. I walked down and talked to one of the security guards, in hopes of getting information about the possibility of an autograph.

He told me my best bet was to wait outside the VIP room. Done.

We only had 25 minutes to get back to the shuttle after the concert ended and get our ride back to the parking structure in Hollywood. I waited by the VIP door, hoping for a miracle.

“Mom, are you watching the clock?”

“Sweetie, this is what we’re doing. If we have to call a taxi or walk all the way back, then we will. Don’t worry about it, we’re here—we’re staying.”

So awesome.

The night wore on and Mr. Gibb did not appear. Several other folks were waiting, too. They all took pictures with me—mostly because I was the next best thing to the real thing, at that point.

Eventually the security guys started their final push to get us all out of the Bowl, so they could close up.

Mom strategically moved us over near a large group queueing up for a private shuttle and we crossed all our fingers and toes—which is difficult in platforms!

The VIPs were leaving. Alan Thicke, Olivia Newton-John, the producer of American Idol, and more, rolled by with that special glitterati glow. Some would avert their gaze and ignore us completely. A few gave us a smile or a “thumbs up.”

Suddenly one of the VIPs walked over and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Do you want to go in?”

I could not breathe. Was she serious? “Yeah! I drove all the way from Arizona. I’ve been waiting…”

“Here.” I looked down and saw the golden ticket right there in her hand. An actual VIP pass—the elusive credentials that had kept me on the outside all night.

“You should be in there,” she said.

The angel-woman’s boyfriend handed my mom his pass. I think my mom may have hugged them. They disappeared into the night. I was going inside the VIP room.

I will leave out the embarrassing details about who may or may not have shed tears of joy at this point in the evening. But whoever it was, dried his or her tears and strutted past the velvet rope.

We flashed our credentials to the security guard and he actually smiled as he waved us through.

I barely made it into the room; a pack of cougars hit me like an injured deer in the forest. A quick scan told me these could easily be some of the original groupies that followed the Bee Gees in the 70s. My three-piece, white suit was like catnip.

Their leader, Sandy, (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) grabbed me and escorted me over to meet Stephen Gibb. I had never heard him sing before this night, and I really dug his gravelly voice and rocker guitar licks.


Stephen Gibb signing my LP. (Pardon the poorly lit pic – but Mom was so excited for me that she forgot to turn on her flash!)

I showed him my Bee Gees vinyl and he autographed it for me.

“I don’t want to sign on my dad’s face, seems kinda sacrilegious,” he quipped as he signed the back panel.

Next stop was Sammy, Maurice’s daughter. She also had a great voice and a fantastic stage presence. She signed my album, too.

Sandy introduced me to the Mythology Tour band members. I met guitar players, bass players, the drummer—it was amazing. Somewhere along the line I lost my mom. She’s not super social. Turns out she had struck up a conversation with one of the Grammy and Emmy award-winning guitar players.

She was having a great time chatting with this guy when one of the other band members came over and ask if she was going to the ****, afterwards (location redacted to protect the guilty).

My mom is pretty sharp. She realized we had just been inadvertently invited to the AFTER after party.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ll have to check with Morgan.” She played it super cool and then slipped off to tell me the news.

“Dude, we just got invited to the AFTER after party at the ****!”

“What? Seriously?”

“Yeah. It’s at an actual Hollywood bar. Can you pull that off?”

My 16-year-old brain skipped over reality and immediately answered, “Let’s do it.”

The security guys hit the VIP room, and intent on clearing out the stragglers—one of them shouted rudely at me, but to be fair it was after midnight.

When we got outside the Bowl there was one lone shuttle—filled with all the security personnel. Oh, serendipity you do have a sense of humor.

We got on the bus and the security guys trickled on, one and two at a time.

“You are workin’ that suit brother.” Enormous stoic, black guy nodded in my direction.

“Can I get a picture?” The guard from the VIP door asked.

I chuckled to myself and jumped up, threw my hip to the side and my disco finger in the air. Several pics later the bus dropped us back at the Hollywood and Highland parking garage.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Why not?” I was floating on the high of this amazing night and I figured I had nothing to lose.

Mom typed the location into her phone and started the car. “OK, this is a real bar. When we get there, you just walk in like you know what you’re doing and don’t stop.”

“Got it.”

We parked on the street and put on our game faces. I got three confident struts inside the door—

“Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive, Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive…,” some black guy with long braids, super chill clothes and a crew, jumped up and burst into song.

“Walk to him. Walk to him,” Mom whispered fiercely behind me.

He jumped up and fist-bumped me. “Mad props on the suit, man. Mad props!” A couple other guys from his crew followed suit and fist-bumps were exchanged. I looked over and the first guy was giving Mom a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

We’re in.

One of the Gibb band guys caught sight of us. “Morgan. You made it!” I kept thinking it was all a dream and I would wake up in an alley in Hollywood with a nasty bump on my head and no white, patent leather, platform shoes.

As I walked away the serenade guy yelled, “Oh no you’re not doin’ the walk, honky!”

“It’s the shoes,” Mom informed him. “You have to walk like that, in the shoes.”

He smacked one of his buddies in the arm. “It’s the shoes, bro. It’s the shoes.” His announcement incited uproarious laughter.

I saw Sandy, and she gave me another big hug. She was turning out to be pretty damn awesome. She walked me around again, I said hello to Stephen Gibb and she introduced me to more of the band members. I even got to chill with Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction.

We rolled out of there about 2:30 a.m. on what will forever be one of the best nights of my life.

The only thing that could top it, would be to meet Sir Barry Gibb, himself. I added the “Sir” because that’s just how I feel about him, and his brothers (rest their souls).




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