Key to the Journey | Book 2

Maybe the gift Flynn hoped for is a curse after all . . .

Young Flynn Hawthorn anxiously awaits the return of the initiates to Moa Bend. Normally she doesn’t look forward to her training sessions, but she’ll do anything to end her endless afternoons trapped in Mistress Tamsin’s Herb Hut.

Without warning, Flynn’s world turns upside down. Her best friend disappears in Dreamwood Forest. Her mother, the High Priestess, finally tells Flynn the truth about her father–a truth that comes with more questions than answers. And somehow, the falcon she chose to train is triggering strange episodes of time-warped astral travel!

Flynn embarks on a journey to uncover long-awaited answers. Will she find a way to save her people from the growing threat in Southeil, or will she unwittingly put herself directly into the hands of the Shadow Witch?

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