An Average Curse | Book 1

An enchanted Mist. A hidden island. One girl could be the key to her people’s salvation—or their destruction.

Flynn Hawthorn wishes she could fulfill the ancient prophecy. But instead, she suffers the daily shame of disappointing the Grand Coven with her painful lack of magical abilities. And while she struggles to wield powers that elude her, a dark threat grows and endangers everything she loves.

Her best friend Hazel tirelessly encourages Flynn, and secretly shares her own vast powers during training sessions. But some secrets may be impossible to keep. And wicked witches don’t play fair.

With the Shadow Witch’s dangerous powers piercing through the Mist, Flynn and Hazel must find a way to defeat the evil, or it will cost them their lives…

An Average Curse is the first book in The Chronicles of Hawthorn YA historical fantasy series. If you like inventive world building, characters that get inside your head, and deep magic, then you’ll love Rue’s fast-paced adventure.

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