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Group projects are the WORST!
The Woods are lovely dark and deep . . .

Writing the character of Hazel was an exciting adventure for me. Hazel has boundless energy, optimism, and is always willing to join a group. I, on the other hand, have never been a fan! The absolute worst thing that any teacher could ever ask me to do was to participate in a GROUP project. F**K!! I hated them. I would rather do twice as much work on my own. I get all the nonsense about team-building and problem-solving, etc. but everyone is not the same. We all learn in a different way. People who love group projects and brainstorming should have the right to pursue that approach, but people who would rather sit in the corner of the library surrounded by volumes of literature, stacks of notebooks, and piles of lovely pens—should be left the hell alone and allowed to figure shit out on their own. And there’s a little more me leaking out into the world… Week 2

I love this pic because it makes me think of the deep, dark forests of my youth. I always loved being in the woods. I don’t like camping or any of that bullshit – but I love forests. I’m not a huge “people person” so I think there’s something calming about being surrounded by tall, solid trees. The silence feeds me and the lack of humans allows me to relax. I know a lot of people feed off the energy of others and feel energized by large groups, but I feel the opposite. Large groups drain the life out of me faster than giving blood! I enjoy conversations – but in a one-on-one environment, Please! Full disclosure: I’m working on allowing myself to be myself on social media. I’m working on letting go of the façade and the need to behave a certain way, post a certain way, and hashtag a certain way. I’m just going to write some shit, say what is on my mind, and move on with my life. Week 1 of the new plan…

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