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It’s Not My Favorite – NOW Available on Amazon!
It’s Not My Favorite – It’s LIVE!!
It’s Not My Favorite – UPDATE
It’s Not My Favorite – Coming Soon

It’s Not My Favorite – NOW Available on Amazon!

Great news! It’s Not My Favorite is now available on Amazon!

Also on the news front, I have decided to release an eBook version for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, etc. Looks like May 19, 2014 is the target date.

I am working on hiding a few “easter eggs” in the eBook version…

It’s Not My Favorite – It’s LIVE!!

OK – the book is live:


It will be available directly from Amazon in 5-7 days, if you want to wait, but this is the publishing estore.yay!

It’s Not My Favorite – UPDATE

Enjoy the best contemporary womens fictionOh, the adolescent splendor of Enger Tower! To creep to the top of the tower under cover of darkness…to steal a kiss, or two.

I am sure there are some wonderful historical facts about this lovely tower, but I have to say, “It’s history alone is not its charm.”

I am looking forward to approving the final proof of It’s Not My Favorite. I am also quite excited about the prospect of visiting Duluth and old friends, while promoting said novel.

Looks like a late April release!

It’s Not My Favorite – Coming Soon

My first novel, It’s Not My Favorite, will be launching very soon. I am awaiting my proof copy – should be arriving next week – fingers crossed. It is quite exciting to be standing at the precipice of publication. This is my first published novel and holds all the excitement and trepidation one would expect. I am allowing myself a two week hiatus and then I must dive back into writing. That is the main problem with completing the first book in a series… you have to write book two, etc.

I look forward to writing book two, I just feel more specific “push” than I felt with book one.

I will have to get the website whipped into shape in the next two weeks, because once book two takes a hold of me I will have little time for website pursuits.

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